Butter Dish with Lid

Butter Dish with Lid
Butter Dish with Lid
Butter Dish

Handbuilt butter dish with lid by Peter Bowen, I rolled a slab on to textured wallpaper and cut out the 4 sides and top to assemble the box. 

The curl of clay for the handle – make sure it is not too fine as the first one I made broke after using it because it was not sturdy enough, the lid is quite heavy.

The base is built up of 4 side walls and a base with square feet which are unglazed. All assembly is scored and slip.

I like using Bath Potters VBP1 Smooth White Low Fire Earthenware clay because it fires bright white and takes brush on glazes with ease. https://www.bathpotters.co.uk/low-fire-white-earthenw…/p5531

I used Terracolor brush on earthenware glazes for the lid and base. 

I hope this will inspire you to create…!